As an experienced communications consultant and digital and innovation strategist I can help you with the building of your strategies and campaigns that are engaging and relevant in today’s digital and social world.

Social and digital media has empowered people to share their thoughts and experiences through real-time channels. Understanding these channels and the how people use them is essential.

Your audiences today want customer experiences built around their behaviour. Relevancy has never been more important. And in a competitive world, effective use of digital and social media can give you competitive advantage.

Working with a team of experts I can support you in helping your business and communications become a responsive 21st Century newsroom.

I can also support you with:

  • Building your public relations and communications strategies
  • Developing your digital and social media strategies and activities
  • Establishing your social media listening
  • Creating organisation-wide innovation strategies
  • Mapping your customer’s journey
  • Developing customer experiences that are audience relevant.

I also deliver expert training and coaching that is designed to give you and your organisations the knowledge and expertise that you need.

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