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News Of The World Closure To Save BSkyB Deal?

July 7 2011 06.27 | 01 Comment

News Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive James Murdoch this afternoon made the shock announcement of the clousure 168 year old News Of The World (#NOTW).

In what is seen as a high risk decision aimed at both ending the scandal surrounding News Of The World’s alleged phone-hacking and placating the political beasts who are calling for a ‘No’ to News International’s BSkyB deal, Murdoch and his Executives decided to sacrifice this title.

It is being reported that over 200 jobs will be culled in the clousure, with the offer being made to staff to reapply for work within News International. This of course has raised the question of if the decision is just a PR masterstroke to push through News Corporation’s desire to secure the BSkyB deal. It equally raises the question of why Rebekah Brooks still in her job, given that she was Editor of the title during the Milly Dowler phone-hacking.

Since it was made public that journalists had hacked into people’s phones, social media channels vocalised their disgust at the News Of The World with many thousands targeting companies, calling on them to remove their advertising from the title.

This is a going to be a text book PR case study of HOW NOT to manage a crisis and solve the reputation of an established news outlet.

Excuse after excuse has cost the jobs of many journalists just so News International can gain full ownership of BSkyB.

Of course, is there a Sunday Sun on the way? Well, On Tuesday 5 July 2011 – two days ago, the Sun On Sunday UK domain was registered (Registered by News International), so, we’ll have to wait and see!


Comments (1)

Kendrick says:

Hello Julio,
Murdoch was right to close NotW and as we know there is the Sunday Sun idea (sounds like a new religious cult). However, I feel there is still damage limitation to be done. It's like throwing a dart into the door when something wrong is done and when it's been reversed the dart is removed… but there's still a mark on the door!

Additionally, there is a monopoly issue on the BSkyB situation and I don't think closing NotW will really help him win approval, if anything, it will harden opposition as the closure admits he cannot control the activites of his business divisions and if that ever happened in a live TV situation, it would be crastic for Murdoch and the viewers.

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