Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals

Essential Reading: The CIPR’s Share This Social Media Handbook

Public relations is a job that has seen enormous changes during the past seven years.  Digital and social channels have grown in importance, changing how audiences consume news and engage with companies, governments and individuals.

During the past 3 years the CIPR’s social media panel has provided counsel and guidance to the institute.  Made up of some of the UK’s leading PR professionals, last year we thought that the time was right to put together a book for everybody in business – those in PR and communications, as well as those in marketing, finance, sales and customer service.  After all, social cut’s across business disciplines.

The appropriately titled ‘Share This‘, delivers chapter after chapter on all things that you should know about if your job is to build brands and protect reputations.

If you are in PR , the fact is that you can no longer just broadcast your opinions and expect the audience to consume them without question.  People privately talked about you before, often without your knowledge.  Today though they do so publicly and it is a business requirement that you not just listen, but you understand your audiences, who create communities that in real-time forensically analyse your every message and statement.

If your business or organisation gets something wrong you’ll not just hear about it, but you’ll see the voice and sentiment in real-time.  Never has the old PR statement of ‘bad news being repeated 11 times, while good news being repeated only 3 times’ been so apt.

While social has empowered the public relations and communications professions, it still needs to change traditions that are engrained into the DNA of business.  PRs are a board’s counsel.  With social, PRs are empowered to better advise on communications and reputation building and management.

My chapter, Pitching Using Social Media, gives you best practice advice Using case studies using case studies on reaching out to journalists, bloggers and online influencers.  Their working practices have changed and you should know how best to reach those that you want to talk with.

Share This delivers insight that you can action in whatever organisation your work in.  It is not just a book for better PR.  It is a book for better business.

To buy the Share This book, head to Amazon where you can pre-order the book.  You can also buy Share This from iTunes for iBooks here.



3 thoughts on “Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals

  1. As a 25 year veteran of the PR industry – but someone who is interested in constant retraining – I'm definitely interested in reading this book. I'm sure it will have many helpful insights into how to "up my game" and be a better communicator. That said, I'm surprised to hear you say that PR pros can "no longer just broadcast your opinions and expect the audience to consume them without question." In all my years in PR, that's never been the case. PR is about a two-way dialog – it's about matching the interests of a particular influencer (e.g. trade reporter) with the story your employer wants to tell. That requires a conversation – and that has always been the domain of PR.

    1. Hi Eric, thanks for the comment. I\’m with you with on the point of matching interests with the particular influencer. Sadly though, I come across PRs that churn press releases out – from both agencies and organisations. As you rightly say, PR is about conversations. I hope you enjoy the book.

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