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Back once again...

I’ve discovered that being ‘off-line’ is not easy. It really is like going to the newsagents, picking up your newspapers and looking at empty space. Not only on the front page, but inside. There are no news stories, no features, no analysis, no picture stories, no gossip, no diary. Nothing. The anticipation of hearing somebody else’s opinion is lost. The opportunity to agree or disagree, to learn and think differently. Even to think, “what a load of b*llocks that is!” Well, that is how I feel each week when I wait for the next instalment from writers that I respect. So being a writer, a PR, and not being able to share with you my thoughts is, frankly, claustrophobic.

So, here we are again, new and improved and ready to write about PR and the media. My thoughts and opinions. And any gossip that comes my way. Having said that, these will be tips that are passed to me for distribution. So if you want to get something of your chest and want know what it’s like to go to confession in a local village where the priest is privy to everybody’s sins then drop me a line. And, if you disagree with my thoughts or opinion then share that too.

So speak soon and read on!

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