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Coleen's a-scribing hack

Yes, Coleen McLoughlin, the self-style queen of the wag pack has publicly declared her occupation as being that of a “journalist.” Or at least that what she’s stated in her wedding banns at Crewe registry office. Maybe she thinks this as being her job because she picks up a ‘meagre’ £10,000 for her weekly column for Closer.

The truth of the matter is that with this as a salary she is half way to what aspiring journos staffing newsdesks on local, regional and even national papers take home. I do wonder what the NUJ make of her declaration that she’s a hack?

In today’s Guardian, Roy Greenslade hits the celebrity nail on the head by asking how many doorsteps she’s been on. I myself would like to find out what she was wearing when she was doorsteping a target. Was it some Prada kitten heels with a matching Dior dress? Or was it perhaps an a-line couture outfit especially hand made for the occasion.

The only thing I can add is that if she wrote into the wedding banns Wayne Rooney’s job as being a ‘proffesional’ footballer.  We wonder, did she get her GCSE English. Oh, never mind.

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