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Don't you know who I am?!

Terminal 5 respects no-one as Kate Moss and la Campell experience the hell of Heathrow.

Yet while Naomi managed to get herself arrested, again - it's amazing how T5 can set you off, Kate Moss and stylist James Brown took the 2-hour delay in their stride and relaxed before jetting off to Los Angeles.  Great crisis consumer PR for the Heathrow team, when they thought they had it all covered.  Whatever next?!

In the meantime BA and BAA are continuing to waste more time in pointing the finger at each other, with nobody backing down in their battle of wills as to who is ultimately responsible for the shambles of this new hyper-inflated-of a mess terminal. Making London and the so-called world’s favourite airline a joke.

The sooner they learn than when you have a problem you fix it before pointing the finger, the faster we’ll all feel like Very Important Passengers.

PRs: have style, but don't forget the substance!

Heathrow Terminal 5, unlucky for some