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Having the last laugh

Rossing around

It looks like Georgina Baillie will be laughing all the way to the bank after an exclusive interview with her appeared on The Sun’s website.  And you know what that means, that cash must have changed hands.

Sure, Russ and Ross might have overstepped the mark by sharing with the whole-wide world Brand’s times with Georgina.  But the story has really been blown-out out of all proportion.  I mean, to have a debate in the House of Commons, have the Prime Minster share his thoughts on the joke and for people and journalists to call for heads to roll at the BBC?  This is just crazy.  Well, it isn’t that crazy given that a lot of attention has been put on the value of Ross’ contract and the fact that people are jealous of his salary.  And with a great plan in place it looks like Georgie could be making her celebrity money.

As for comedy, well, let’s just keep it clean, decent and with a stiff upper lip chaps, otherwise the media intelligentsia will hound us down with a front page spread that will rattle England’s green and pleasant land.  After all, when the programme was aired it received hardly any complaints.  Obviously the Mary Whitehouse brigades quick to act.  This was followed by other titles, including The Mail on Sunday.  After that, and with the help of four willing horsemen hacks sharpened  their pencils and got to it, with the help of:

 ·      A few shocked Tories

·      A handful of politicians willing to play to the gallery

·      A BBC without balls

·      A dash of tears.

The finished article, surely with the support of somebody acting for Georgina, will ensure that we no longer are allowed a laugh.  The BBC reported yesterday in a clever way, by asking people that were going to the filming of 'Gardeners World' for the thoughts.  Their answers were to be expected: “Vulgar”, “Ross is over-paid”, “They should be sacked”.  At the same time a crew asked people going to the filming of 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' for their thoughts.  Their answer differed just a bit, with more "blown out of all proportion" and "they're not that funny anyway". 

And what will happen after the furore dies down?  Well, it’s obvious, Georgina’s bank manager will be happy by her improved bank balance, her PR will be thrilled by the exposure received and will hope to line her up fronting some TV programme, Ross and Russ will go into hiding - making money elsewhere and readying themselves for a comeback to ITV or Channel 4.  Remember how Moss returned from the scandals of her and Pete, with big cash offers everywhere?  Exactly!

Still, I do wonder if Georgina’s PR saw the size of the snowball created.  Wouldn’t it be even funnier if Andrew Sachs knew all along about the plan.  Now that would be comedy!

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