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Judge Bennett's damming indictment on celebrity

The irony couldn’t have been greater. Out came Heather Mills, dressed like a court jester, from the same High Court that was presiding over the inquest into the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, the Queen of the Nations Hearts. A Diana who often complained before her death about media intrusion, yet, at the same time was skilful operator of its dark arts.

Heather, purposefully marched towards the throng of notebooks, lenses and video cameras on Fleet Street. Journalists and photographers awaiting yet another episode from the ‘Poor Me’ Heather World show.

This was a heather that was built up by the media, a media that did its utmost to separate her from real-life. And this was her undoing. Like Alice through the looking glass, she really did believe what the media told her, which is why, one assumes that she demanded so much for security and accessories to her lifestyle. After all, Judge Bennett let it be know that she was demanding £125 million from Sir Paul. And, after all, if her claims that he was worth double the nearly £400 million that the judge claimed he was worth then why did she want this figure rather than, say, £50 million.

It really is a case, of if you don’t ask you just don’t get. But our Heather believes that she is worth that. The media gossip pages, the celebrity bibles have told her this every week, so, it must be the case.

Judge Bennett ruled that Heather Mills was “indulged in make-believe”, “was less than candid”, “had a warped perception” and was “devoid of reality.” But was this also a damming indictment of the celebrity show-biz world? After all, Heather was built up by the celebrity journos who pulled her strings and pampered her egos. In fact to such an extent that she believes her own importance and hype, like many of the celebrities that fill our daily and weekly pages. Yet what differentiates the good from the great celebs is that the greats, know their true worth and are able to keep one foot firmly on the ground. The great celebrities know how to pander to those who promote them and help them make them money.

Heather, it must be said, forgot that basic rule. And she paid for it. And while a comeback can be rewarding, she’ll be carrying the anger of the nation on he shoulders, an albatross that will hover over her and remind her audience of her past.

Celebrity is a fickle beast and this week Judge Bennett said what we all suspected. Yet, as he is not a regular in the celebrity circuit, his judgement on the celebrity world will sink without a trace.

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