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Social Media: The Assassin or Saviour of Traditional Media?

Let’s be honest, people are getting wise to the workings of the media. They know that each outlet has an angle on a story, which is why the views of bloggers has become so important to companies, brands and celebrities.

People subscribe to blogs, they read the latest posts and comment on them. Bloggers are people – not journalists, which is why PRs are often being asked to promote new products, new stories, angles of stories to bloggers that have real influence.

This, with the rise of citizen-journalism, is forcing companies and agencies to revaluate how they communicate with the public.

To discuss this the CIPR Greater London Group have brought together the BBC’s Head of Online Journalism Pete Clifton,’s Communities Editor Shane Richmond and PR Blogger Stephen Davies.

The event sold-out in record time, suggesting it is an important issue for PRs in London.

I’ll be brining you the latest comment and views raised on this.

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