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The wonder of Apple's ads

You just can't stop wondering how Apple keep picking the best, catchiest tunes for their ads - let it be for their Macs, iPods or iPhones.  The thing is that they always appear to choose tracks that fit with their products and get us head-banging down the street and fall further in love with Apple.  And let's be honest, Apple's ads look so much better than Gates' Microsoft feeble endeavours, which look like a b-rate in-house corporate video-hug. But how does Apple chose the music?  Well, Appleinsider is reporting that it is Steve Jobs himself who picks the tunes.

It appears that The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's US promoter Synch got in-touch with Apple and ended up having a sit down meeting with Jobs.  During the course of the meeting Synch played some of the bands tracks hoping for some support.  Jobs surprised Synch by choosing the bands 'Around the Bend' track for the current iPod Touch campaign, a track that hadn't been pencilled as a single.  Jobs though had made-up his mind!

Apple took the track and edited it to fit the visuals for the commercial.  The band weren't that impressed, but I am sure weren't in a position to complain as they got coverage, which was great given that the Danish band were touring the US when the ad came out.  And you know, thanks to the ad I went to, er, to buy the the EP.  Yes, Amazon over iTunes because it is cheaper and the downloads are higher-quality.  Though rumour has it that Apple will be removing, if it hasn't already, DRM from music it sels from the Sony, Universal and Warner stables.

So there, the power of Jobs on the music industry.  His tastes make us all listen!

And here's the ad from Apple:

Christmas Coldplay

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