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London Fashion...

Style Spotter It’s been a busy time for Fashion PRs.  With London Fashion Week coming to an end tomorrow we have been entertained with the latest designs from established and up and coming fashion-makers.

There might be only two shows a year in London, the current autumn/winter collection and the spring/summer shows, but fashion PRs are busy building and spreading the thoughts from designers.  Six months in between shows gives little time to change what people are wearing, but that’s how long it takes.

Speaking to a number of PRs at London Fashion Show you notice how London is better at getting the public to take the thoughts of their clients and adapt them.  Fashion in London, I am told, is open.  With the help of the media and entertainment industries – showbiz, music, film – PRs are able to spread the styles to the masses.

Take the Oscars ceremony yesterday with Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel proudly and openly telling us that he is wearing a very British Burberry suit.  Labels like these are of course aspirational, they, like their shows shape our wants.  The New Generation designers are the ones that shape what we wear – this year there was a lot of colour, with a lot of contrast.  The best of the 80s some might say.

Individual look

Fashion PRs are busy, getting their designs out there, accepted.

Tomorrow, we have the menswear collection, something I am personally looking forward to.

In the meantime London’s streets will be filled with spotters, looking and judging our dress sense.

I love London Fashion Week, but would like to take a peak behind the scenes.  I am sure that it would be more fun than a front row seat!

Lay down that boogie and 'stream' that funky music...

Getting Ready for London Fashion Week