With over 20 years experience in communications, digital and strategy I will provide consel, planning and support designed around you, your organisations and your audiences and stakeholders situation and needs.


Strategic consultancy

I provide strategic support and consulting that is designed to help you make better decisions. My focus is on helping you to understand digital, technology in a business and regulatory environment in order to mitigate risk while building your reputation.


Communications and planning

How you are perceived is the result of your actions. But what is equally important is to understand your audience and how, what and who has influenced how you are seen. You don’t own your reputation, it is afforded to you by those that interact with you.

Communications initiatives are built with research and a clear understanding of people, their likes, dislikes and ambitions. Their digital and social footprint also defines how your perceived and the work that needs to be done to establish a strong trustworthy reputation.


Digital Innovation

As users we expect services designed around us. If our needs aren’t met then we don’t just shun the service, we actively share our negative experience to our community. As a result, it is essential to research and understand users and their expectations.

To meet users needs we also have to know about trends in technology and contextualise these to help design digital services that allow you to build your market and reputation.