The International Communications Consultants Association came together in Oxford last week to discuss the changes that are impacting this industry.

Attendees from around the world gathered for the #ICCOSummit to learn about how innovation, technology are disrupting their business. It’s no longer just about influence and communications. Reputation, the building and managing of these, is down to authentic listening and engagement, as well as the creation of experiences.

I attended the conference and have curated some of the best tweets from the two-day gathering.

It’s been over a year since I last wrote a blog post. I took the decision to take a step back from blogging to asses how I presented my thoughts on the changing communications landscape. The vacation from blogging has been for longer than planned, but it has been worth it.

While I decided to not pen long-form posts here, what I din’t do is stop curating, sharing and giving my opining on the influence of technology and digital platforms on reputation and brands. I shared my thoughts on Twitter and developed my lists for people to follow insights from those that I respect.

A lot has changed since my last post. My work has also moved into areas including development of Customer Experience (CX). Areas that have a direct impact on the reputation of companies and brands.

Blogging is not dead and the time is right for me to return to it.

Over the coming months my site is going to undergo some changes, so stay with us. And with regards to the subjects that I will be once again writing about, these will continue to include matters relating to reputation and social and digital. But I will also be focusing on #SocialBusiness, Customer Experience, Technology and Start-Ups and Innovation.

It’s good to be back!